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Audio-Technica 3000 Series wireless microphone systems are durable and reliable, with an effective range of up to 300 feet. They come as a complete system (transmitter, receiver, microphone) in multiple-unit racks, single systems, or as individual pieces to supplement an existing Audio-Technica system.


Multi-unit systems are based on groups of 4 and come with any available microphone combinations (1 microphone style per unit).

Day / Week / 3-Week
$ 90 / $ 270 / $ 540 (further discounts apply for 9+ units)


3000-Series single systems come with any available microphone
(1 microphone style per unit)

Day / Week
$ 30 / $ 90


4000-Series single wireless system
(1 microphone style per unit)

Day / Week
$ 40 / $ 120


Electro-Voice RE2 wireless system with beige ear-worn mic
(total of 4 units available)

Day / Week
$ 30 / $ 90


Electro-Voice RE2 single hand-held wireless system
(N/D 767 element)

Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75

Individual microphones available for use with Audio-Technica systems include the following:

 Day / Week / Month
Standard lavalier$ 15 / $ 45 / $ 135
Miniature condenser (head-worn or body mic applications)$ 20 / $ 50 / $150
Microset (ear-worn)$ 20 / $ 50 / $150
 Day / Week
ATM73cW cardioid condenser headworn microphone$ 15 / $ 45
1 (2)

Shure SM58 Audio-Technica AE6100 / AE4100 AT AE3300 AT ATM710

1 (3)

AT 4033a AT AE5100 EV RE200 AT 2020 / 2035 AT U851a AT U853 RU

1 (1)

AT 825 AT AE2500 DE AT ATM250 DE AT ATM650 EV N/D468 Sennheiser E604


Yamaha LS9-32

The Yamaha LS-9 is the most versatile and powerful mixing console in its class, featuring 32 XLR inputs, 16 XLR outputs, 16 channels of ADAT Optical I/O, built-in effects processors, compression and gate on every channel, up to eight 31-band graphic EQs, automated faders, complete signal routing flexibility, 16 mixes, user customization, stereo MP3 player/recorder, and too much more to mention here. Comes in road case w/ doghouse.

An AVIOM Output Card is also available upon request.

Day / Week
$ 175 / $ 450


Tascam DM-24 Digital Mixing Console

The Tascam DM-24 features 16 mic preamps with an additional 16 digital input channels available from expansion units either in TDIF or ADAT formats. It is packed with all the essentials, including compression, gate, eq, and high-quality effects processing on every channel. It is equipped with four aux busses, motorized faders, dynamics and eq library, and much more! Extremely versatile for recording and live sound reinforcement.

Day / Week
$ 75 / $ 225

Available for small to mid-sized rooms or outdoor events. This system delivers exceptional power and clarity. It can be ground-stacked (as shown) or flown as a true line array. Please call or email for questions.

Day / Week
$ 600 / $ 900 - qualified technician required


The EV QRx-115/75 is a two-way, full-range loudspeaker system that incorporates a 15-inch woofer and a 3-inch voice coil compression driver on an asymmetrical 75-degree x 50-degree fully rotatable, constant- directivity horn. It can run as a passive or 2-way active system for bi-amp applications.

Aside from use as a monitor wedge, this speaker is a good solution for small-to-medium size rooms as a main PA, providing moderate levels with good bass response in music or speech reproduction for DJs or live bands.

Day / Week
$ 50 / $ 150


EV ZX1-90
2-way, full-range cabinet with an 8" woofer. Exceptional clarity and full sound in a compact design. 90-degree horizontal horn pattern to provide even coverage. Pairs well with the SB122 subwoofer. Designed for Commercial Sound, House of Worship, Pro Music, and other applications.

The EV SB122 is quite possibly the smallest, most powerful subwoofer on the planet. Packing 400-watt continuous power handling (1600-watt peak) into a 33 lb (15 kg) package, the SB122 incredible performance for its size.

Day / Week / Month (per cabinet)
$ 30 / $ 90 / $ 270

Several Electro-Voice amplifiers are available for a wide range of applications. Each of these feature EV's built-in limiters and protection circuitry, with pristine sound and maximum reliability.

All models have stereo and bridged speakon output connectors, (balanced) XLR inputs, XLR signal pass-through outputs, and have dual or parallel input routing options.

Please call or email any questions to discuss which amplifier will best suit your needs. See pictures and descriptions below.

Priced each Day / Week

EV CP4000S $ 75 / 225
EV CP3000S 60 / 180
EV CP2200 50 / 150
EV CP1200 40 / 120
EV Q66 40 / 120


The flagship of the Precision Series™ Compact Amplifier line. Equipped with switch mode power supply, it can deliver maximum output power of 2 x 2100 watts into 2 Ohms and 2 x 1500 watts into 4 Ohms from an 8.7 kg package. Its state-of-the-art audio circuitry predestines this amplifier for both the most demanding subwoofer applications and for precise high power drive for mid/hi speaker cabinets.


The lightweight workhorse of CP Series performs with 2 x 1600 watts into 2 Ohms and 2 x 1100 watts into 4 Ohms load — switch mode power supply. Its reliability, coupled with its pleasing, rich sound makes it the first choice for high power full-range and mid / hi-cabinets.


With up to 2 x 1100 watts into 2 Ohms and 2 x 800 watts into 4 Ohms, the CP 2200 is
not only a perfect complement to many full-range speaker cabinets, but also mid- and hi-frequency components in larger concert-sound systems.


2 x 600 watts into 2 Ohms and 2 x 400 watts into 4 Ohms. The CP 1200 is
perfect for small full-range cabinets and individual hi-frequency components in multiway systems.


2 x 600 watts into 4 Ohms, 2 x 380 watts into 8 ohms, and 1700 watts into 4 Ohms (bridged mode). Great for full-range boxes at small to mid-size venues.

The following subwoofers are available to add to the main P.A. speakers or to your existing system for extended low-end response. See pictures and descriptions below. Appropriate amplifier and crossover required.

Priced each Day / Week Description
EV SB122 $ 30 / $ 90 Compact, 12", built-in crossover, 400W / 1600W
EV QRX118 50 / 150 Single 18", needs external crossover, 600W / 2400W
EV TX2181 100 / 300 Double-18", needs external crossover, 1000W / 4000W
Technical Pro 15 40 / 120 Single 15" powered, stereo power amp for satellites


The EV SB122 is quite possibly the smallest, most powerful subwoofer on the planet. packing 400-watt continuous power handling (1600-watt peak) into a 33 lb. (15 kg) package, the SB122 incredible performance for its size.


The EV QRx-118s is a concert-proven, high-output subwoofer with accurate transient detail.

Use with processor and dedicated amp channel.

This sub makes a perfect companion to the
QRX 115/75 2-way speaker.

High sensitivity, 137 db maximum SPL (peak)
Power handling: 600 W continuous, 2400 W peak


The EV Tou-X 2181 is a concert-proven, double-18" subwoofer with a low-distortion port design. It features
two high-excursion EVS-18S woofers.

Use with processor and dedicated amp channel.

103 dB sensitivity, 138 dB maximum SPL
Power handling: 1000 W continuous, 4000 W peak


The Technical Pro 1501 Xtreme is perfect to add low-end to a full-range system for small-venue DJ applications. It has built-in power (1500 watts) for the sub and a stereo amp at 500 watts per channel for unpowered full-range cabinets. It also features a sweepable crossover (from 300 Hz to 40 Hz) and separate sub / satellite volume controls. Stereo signal pass-through outputs allow you to use this sub with powered satellite speakers as well. Speakon and banana-plug output connectors.


American Audio MCD-510 Dual CD/MP3 Player

Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75


American Audio Q-SD Mixer (with SD card reader to play MP3 files)

Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75

Features include:

  • Folder & Track knob selector
  • Big LCD display with back-light
  • Crossfader start control for CD player
  • Fader “Q” Start compatible (with select American Audio CD players)
  • Balanced XLR outputs
  • Gain, treble, mid & bass control for each channel
  • Advance MP3 Track Selection
  • Mini plug input on face of mixer for use with MP3 players
  • Cue mixing, cue level, and master level control
  • Zone output control
  • Seamless Loop
  • Auto BPM counter
  • Fully adjustable crossfader curve
  • Volume, treble, and bass control for each mic

Denon X-120 DJ Mixer

Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75

Features include:

  • 3-band EQ with a Full Kill option
  • VCA
  • 45mm crossfader & channel faders
  • Mic Talkover switch
  • Split cue
  • Fader start
  • 4 position Input/Transform switch
  • TRS balanced & RCA unbalanced L/R stereo outputs, line, and phono/line (switchable) inputs, and a mic input.



Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75 (discounts apply for 11+ units)

The Chauvet COLORado™ 1 is the perfect choice to color-wash or accent backdrops, risers, truss, walls, curtains, or any architectural highlights. It produces very little heat and has extremely low power consumption. The user can mix near any color imaginable. It is water-tight and can be used outdoors, and easily links to multiple units. This can create stunning effects and brings dimension to any venue.



3, 4 or 9-channel DMX-512 LED wash light (with ID addressing)
Operating modes include: 3-channel: RGB control, 4-channel RGB, dimmer, and 9-channel: RGB, ID, dim, macro, strobe, automatic, custom, vector
RGB color mixing with or without DMX controller
Built-in automated programs via master/slave, DMX or Color-Con
Recall custom programs via master/slave or DMX

Use with the Color-Con™ Controller for a very compact, powerful system.
Beam angle: 12° (standard) or 30° (with optional lens)


Chauvet COLORdash™ Quad LED fixture

Day / Week
$ 30 / $ 90

The COLORdash™ Quad wash light is designed for washing walls, backdrops, and curtains, as well as front light. It offers 3, 4, 10 or 12-channel operating modes and rich, saturated colors with RGB color mixing from 36 high powered LEDs. Use the automated programs via master/slave or DMX. This stackable wash is custom-programmable and allows for program transfer between fixtures. The 25° x 6° lens produces a wide linear beam for bright, seamless washes.


Day / Week
$ 5 / $ 15

The LED Pin Spot 2 is a small, low-profile fixture designed to accent tight, specific areas. On/Off only, with no DMX control. These fixtures are extremely power efficient and lightweight.


Chauvet Intimidator™ Spot XYZ

Day / Week
$ 50 / $ 150

  • 11 or 16-channel DMX-512 moving yoke
  • Pan 1: 540° / pan 2: 540° / tilt: 540°
  • Color wheel
    7 colors + white
    Split colors
    Rainbow color spin at variable speeds
  • Rotating gobo wheel with gobo shake
    7 interchangeable gobos + open
    5 metal, 2 glass installed
    Rotating gobo wheel spin – variable
  • 3-facet prism
  • Variable electronic strobe
  • Variable motorized focus
  • Variable electronic dimmer (0 – 100%)
  • Remote fixture reset & vector speed channel
  • Individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo, prism, focus
  • Move-in-black for pan/tilt, color, gobo
  • Built-in movement macros via DMX (automated and sound)
  • Built-in automated programs via master/slave
  • Built-in sound-active programs via master/slave
  • High-power, 60W (14.9A) LED
  • User-selectable pan/tilt ranges
    Pan 1: 540°, 360°, 180°
    Pan 2: 540°, 360°, 180°
    Tilt: 540°, 360°, 180°
  • Automatic pan & tilt correction

Chauvet Followspot 400G (with stand)

Day / Week
$ 30 / $ 90

The Followspot 400G is a 2-channel DMX spotlight featuring 7 dichroic colors, a variable electronic dimmer, variable mechanical iris, variable mechanical focus, and a single gobo slot.

This unit allows DMX control from your lightboard for dimming and color changing. It can also run as a stand-alone fixture. On the back of the fixture, a digital display provides ease of operation and reliability.


This wireless 3-pin DMX system has one transmitter and up to 6 receivers. The system selects the best possible frequency for outstanding reliability. It is simple to use and has a 700M range (unobstructed).


  • 2.4 GHz with GFSK modulation
  • High anti-jamming ability
  • No time delay

Day / Week (1 transmitter and 1 receiver)
$ 30 / $ 90

Add $15 / day for each additional receiver


Day / Week
$ 20 / $ 60

Chauvet D-Fi Plus (pair)
Wireless 3-pin DMX transmitter / receiver with 393 ft. range.


The Chauvet Obey™ 70 is a universal

Day / Week
$ 20 / $ 60

DMX-512 controller. Features include:

  • Controls up to 12 intelligent lights / 32 channels each
  • 30 banks of 8 scenes, 240 scenes max
  • 384 DMX channels of control
  • 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes
  • Reversible sliders
  • Re-assignable channels
  • Sequential linking of chases
  • Fog & strobe control buttons
  • Grab any fixture on the fly
  • Beat activation, tap-sync and auto run
  • Polarity selector
  • MIDI compatible
  • Tabletop or rackmountable

Day / Week
$ 15 / $ 45

The COLOR-CON is a 4-channel DMX controller designed for use with the COLORado™ series LED fixtures.  Users can do full RGB mixing from the unit and have independent control over each pod (within the COLORado 3 and COLORado 6 fixtures).  Features include:

  • 16 editable programs
    - 8 color wash
    - 8 color changing
  • 8 User-defined programs
  • Controls up to 66 units (using ID addressing)
  • 8 programmable shows each with 100 steps
  • Playback schedules via internal clock
  • Easy-to-use LED screen with password protection to prevent unwanted changes to the programming.

Day / Week
$ 20 / $ 60

Chauvet's Gobo Zoom™ LED projects images. Create your own image by printing on clear film or use stock gobo images for a variety of events.


Day / Week
$ 20 / $ 60

The Double Derby™ X is a 2-channel DMX-512 LED effect with continuous rotation or back and forth motor control, built-in automated programs via DMX (rotation only), and built-in sound activated programs via DMX (rotation only).


Day / Week
$ 30 / $ 90

14' Crank Lift with T-bar


Day / Week
$ 10 / $ 30

Chauvet 2-way DMX Splitter – 5-pin or 3-pin DMX IN to (2) 5-pin or 3-pin outputs. Polarity Switch for each pair of output jacks.


Day / Week
$ 15 / $ 45

Leviton 4-channel Dimmer Pack - DMX In / Out


Day / Week
$ 10 / $ 30

Chauvet 4-channel Dimmer Pack – DMX In / Out



Day / Week
$ 199 / $ 597

BenQ SP870 5000-lumen Projector (2 available)

Because it can offer a superior viewing experience even in rooms with the lights on, the SP870 is perfect for use during meetings or other situations where viewers may need to write down notes or refer to printed materials. The extraordinarily bright picture is complemented by image enhancement technologies such as BenQ’s exclusive BrilliantColor, 3D color management, and UNISHAPE. There’s even wall color correction to ensure excellent color rendition even on non-standard projection surfaces such as walls or blackboards.

Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)
Brightness: 5000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 Image Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Native, 16:9 Selectable
Connectivity: DVI-I, RGB, VGA, S-Video, Composite Video


Day / Week
$ 100 / $ 300

NEC GT1150 3000-lumen Projector (2 available)

Multimedia Projector Features:
Stackable - add a matching projector to increase the brightness to 6000 lumens
Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)
Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 350:1 Image Aspect Ratio: 1.0:1
Connectivity: DVI-I, RGB, S-Video, Video, BNC Video


Day / Week
$ 75 / $ 225

NEC NP610S 2600-lumen Short-throw Projector

This projector is an excellent solution where space is limited, but you still want to achieve a large screen / picture size.

Features include variable audio out, VGA and UXGA Resolutions, DVI, VGA, and composite video inputs.


Day / Week
$ 50 / $ 150

NEC LT30 2600-lumen Projector

Features automatic startup, focus, keystone correction, and more. With the footprint smaller than a sheet of paper, this bright, powerful projector makes presenting a breeze.

  • Contrast Ratio: 1600:1, Image Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Connectivity: S-Video, Video, and VGA
  • Built-in speaker

Da-lite Fast-fold Screens

 Day / Week#Available
6' x 8'$ 65 / $ 1302
7-1/2' x 10'$ 75 / $ 1501
9' x 12'$ 85 / $ 1704

Velour dress kit availability and pricing varies. Please call.


Da-lite Tripod Screen

 Day / Week
5' x 5'$ 30 / $ 90
6' x 8'$ 50 / $ 150

Kramer VP-728 Presentation Switcher / Scaler

This unit features a soft fade to black between switching for smooth transitions. It handles component, VGA, and HDMI inputs, along with the respective audio.

Day / Week
$ 75 / $ 150


Tascam DV-6500 DVD/CD/CD+G player (multi-format)

This unit comes rack-mounted with a remote control.

Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75


Day / Week
$20 / $60

17" ELO Touch Screen Monitor w / USB


Day / Week
$10 / $30

Kramer VP-200N 1-in/2-out VGA Distribution Amplifier

This unit splits one VGA signal into two VGA outputs for use with multiple screens or projectors.


Day / Week
$10 / $30

Calrad 1-in/4-out Component or Composite Distribution Amplifier

This unit splits one component or composite video signal with the respective audio signal into four evenly-distributed outputs.


Day / Week
$10 / $30

100' Length of Premium VGA Cable


Add the finishing touches…


The Chauvet Hurricane Flex features a tilting head to shoot the fog up or across the floor. It has great density and is capable of filling a large space quickly.

Day / Week
$ 30 / $ 90 + fluid


The Chauvet Bubble King™ is great for weddings, parties, and anything kids. It has the most power of all the bubble machines we offer. The unit is lightweight and easy to fill and maintain. The design blows the bubbles up into the air instead of straight out like other machines.

Day / Week
$ 25 / $ 75